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Out of the Blue Granola
Out of the Blue doesn't just make tasty homemade snacks; they're making a big difference in the lives of families across Middle Tennessee by helping women who've struggled with addiction and abuse find a path to recovery. The women who create Out of the Blue granola are either graduates or residents of Blue Monarch, a nonprofit organization that supports abused and addicted women, along with their children. The organization sets each woman up with a special one to two-year program designed specifically for them. It helps them get an education, break their addictions, become better moms, find jobs, and become more independent. And when it comes to making their famous granola, these women put a lot of love into it. They hand-turn the granola six times for a unique flavor and the perfect crunch. So, not only does the granola taste fantastic, but every bite supports these women on their journey to recovery and a better life.