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You Shop. We Give.

Every time you purchase a gift from us, you help create real, meaningful, and global impact.

Why Your Purchase Matters

Imagine a world where every business was a force for good. This concept is happening right now through our partnership with BUY1GIVE1, a non-profit that enables companies worldwide to incorporate giving into their business model. They do this by providing access to carefully selected high-impact projects. Whether providing access to clean water, supporting education, planting trees, or addressing social issues, B1G1 enables businesses of all types to make a real difference.

How It Works

BUY1GIVE1 has a unique giving model, meaning that 100% of our giving goes to the projects we support. As a company, we pay a separate membership fee that covers admin and marketing so that the money we donate to these causes goes straight to the people who need it most. You shop. We give. And together, we can make a difference.

How B1G1 Works

Our Current Impact Projects

We have selected 10 global projects that align with the U.N. Sustainable Goals. Whenever you make a purchase, we will donate to one of the following organizations.

Educate Children

Educate Children


End Hunger


Give Medical Care


Offer Shelter


Protect the Environment


Provide Solar Lights


Save Animals


Supply Clean Water


Support Mental Health


Teach Women Business Skills

Our Global Impact