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Our Brand Selection Process

We Search for Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs

We scour the globe to discover small businesses and independent artisans that are using their companies to address a social or environmental need.

These include: Nonprofits or Charities

These organizations start with a social mission, and then all funds either earned or donated must be used to pursue the group’s objectives and pay its running costs.

Non-Nonprofits These organizations start with a social mission, much like a nonprofit, and then make it work outside the restrictions of a tax-exempt model. It’s a decision that allows for higher-capacity growth, sustainability, innovation, and risk-taking.

Socially Responsible Businesses These organizations implement practices that benefit their community, employees, or environment. Their mission is included in the company’s formational documents, along with a provision stating they are legally permitted to honor this mission. This includes benefit corporations, Certified B Corporations, and double- and triple-bottom-line businesses. Give One, Get One/Donate Portion of Proceeds Businesses

These organizations direct some portion of their company’s time or money toward charitable work. In many cases, the social component is an add-on to the company’s core business.

Awareness Brands These organizations sell products designed to engage their community and bring awareness to a social issue, but whose primary activities don’t necessarily address the root cause of the social problem.

We Research the Brands and Their Products to Ensure they are

Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, and High-Quality

We gather our information through a variety of methods including: Conducting brand interviews

Exploring the brand’s mission, values, and beliefs

Ensuring the brand’s website has specific, clear, and transparent information

Examining third-party certifications (Fair Trade, Certified B, GOTS certified)

Once we have researched the company, we ensure that the products meet the following standards:

They Products are Produced Ethically

There is no forced or child labor in the supply chain.

The employees are treated with respect.

The employees receive a living wage. The employees work a fair number of hours each week.

The employees work in a safe working environment.

The Products are Eco-Friendly

The product is made with natural or innovative materials.

The product does not contain toxic chemicals or dyes.

The product does not contain GMOs, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

The brand has taken steps to minimize its environmental impact (production process, packaging, carbon-neutral, zero-waste).

The Products are Cruelty-Free

The product is not tested on animals.

The product does not exploit animals.

The product does not contain leather, feathers, or fur.

The Products are High-Quality

The product is beautiful, interesting, or unique.

The product is made with high-quality materials or ingredients.