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Our Brand Manifesto

As a consumer, you have choices. What you decide to buy or not to buy matters.

You can choose to buy eco-friendly products. You can choose to buy products that are ethically made. And you can choose to buy products from purpose-driven brands owned by under-represented artisans.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time or energy to research all the details behind how and where a product is made.

We want to give you that option so you can make an informed choice.

Alare is a new way to buy gifts for your friends, family, and yourself. Your purchase directly supports eco-friendly products ethically created by under-represented artisans who are making a positive difference in our world. And every gift gives back to a global cause.

That is what Alare is all about.

Welcome to a new way of gifting. Because, as a consumer, you have choices. And what you buy matters.

The Alare Forest

How We Give Back

We are building a better business by connecting customers with non-profit organizations throughout the world. With every purchase you make, we’re proud to make a donation to one of our global impact partners on your behalf.